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Laennec: A human placenta based product, is the result of research done at JBP research center in Kurume, Japan headed by Dr. Akira Yagi.

Established in 1936, Japan Bioproducts Co. Ltd. today is the world's largest manufacturer of Pharmaceuticals derived from Human Placental extracts by volume.

Licensed by Japanese Ministry of Health & welfare in 1974 to commercialize Laennec inj., a drug developed by proprietary extraction process, is used to treat liver dysfunction in patients suffering from Liver Cirrhosis & Hepatitis, with GMP certification.

Being in use for treating liver disorders & many anti-aging disorders like Atopic dermatitis, Psoriasis, etc. for last 30 years with great success.

Current manufacturing facilities include Kurume factory in Japan & in Seoul, South Korea.

Have set up a vast global Network, touching the boundaries of nations like Japan, Korea, Russia, USA, Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan, China & now, in India