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You've enjoyed a healthy, satisfying sex life during most of your adulthood. But lately, intimate moments with your partner are less satisfying than they once were. You might feel as though your sexual desire has waned. Or perhaps things that once brought you pleasure now seem painful. You're concerned about your sexual health.

You're not alone. Many women experience sexual difficulties at some point in their lives. By some estimates as many as four in 10 women experience at least one sexual concern. In medical circles, this is known as female sexual dysfunction.

Female sexual dysfunction implies persistent or recurrent problems encountered in one or more of the stages of sexual response. What you're experiencing isn't considered female sexual dysfunction unless you're distressed about it or it negatively affects your relationship with your partner.

Although sexual problems associated with female sexual dysfunction are multifaceted, they're treatable. As sexual wellbeing of women in India is neglected compared with the big market for male sexual problems, so we have taken an initiative  to solve, this hidden problem of Indian women, who hesitate to come forward in this regard by providing  various good products to them to make their personal and sexual well being healthy.